In the real life there is nothing which said to be clear cut on the issue of as to what is the clear definition love and about where, when, how love begins and end even though we do realize the moment that we are truly in love.despite all the difficulties and devoid of words to make a comment on love, every body wants to make description over it from their own perspective and their experience love that usher in their life. lets we live a life of love as per our own expression of Jesus Christ   


ETHIOPIANISM has to be espouse this time than ever before now a day or a head of time in the future. This is because, the nation which doomed as savage Abyssinia in the early timeand Ethiopia at present has many intangible natural treasures and old times classic touch way of life in a fancy of emotional decor which directed toward letting a people to be moved by and take them to reach a pick of satisfaction in the face of modern world.Traditionalism in the art of modernism        

today in Addis, because the summer season is down and the active cold going on which is brought about by KERMIT that makes everybody freezing, quite everyone who wants to go out for hanging out and the like, if any one outside his/her room must wear rain clothes or buy roasted corn to bear the chill, otherwise they are letting themselves to die / sucide/. Even though the chill, people are still outside, the reason why? Addis is still LOOKING FORWARD to see THEM and they have to say hi